New Music : Nicki Minaj - Starship (cover,text)

14. února 2012 v 12:09 |  Audio

Konečne!! Len pred pár minútami mal na "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" premiéru nový singel z alumu Pink Friday: Roman Reolded s názvom "Starship"!! Ja vám ho sem pridávam exkluzívne ako prvá (ako inak) :D aj s texom a oficiálnym coverom!! Nicki o ňom povedala že: "Starships" je jedna z mojich absolútne, absolútne najobľúbenejších nahrávok s Pink Friday: Roman Reoladed." Viac sa dočítate v článku, ktorý pridám zachvílku!! Tak zatiaľ Enjoy!!

Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get away
They say, what they gonna say?
Have a drink, click, found the bud light
Bad b-tches like me, is hard to come by
The patron own, let's go get it on
The zone own, yes i'm in the zone
Is it two, three? leave a good tip
I'mma blow off my money and don't give too quick

I'm on the floor, floor
I love to dance
So give me more, more, till I can stand
Get on the floor, floor
Like it's your last dance
If you want more, more
Then here I am

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Can't stop 'cause we're so high
Let's do this one more time

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Let's do this one last time
Hands up...

(we're higher than a motherf-ck-r)

Bump in my hootie hottie hottie hoop
I own that
And I ain't paying my rent this month
I owe that
But f-ck who you want, and f-ck who you like

Dance how a life there's no end inside
Twinkle, twinkle little star

Now everybody let me hear you say ray ray ray
Now spend all your money cause they pay pay pay
And if you're a cheat, you a chea-chea-cheat
My name is a n-gga, you can call me Nicki

Get on the floor, floor
Like a chola's dance
If you want more, more
Then here I am

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Can't stop 'cause we're so high
Let's do this one more time

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Let's do this one last time
Hands up...

(we're higher than a motherf-ck-r)

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Can't stop 'cause we're so high
Let's do this one more time

Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Let's do this one last time
Hands up...

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1 © Kristen © Kristen | Web | 14. února 2012 v 12:11 | Reagovat

skvělé! :)) ten song je super

2 Nina Nina | Web | 14. února 2012 v 12:14 | Reagovat

Tuhle písničku od Nicky miluju,je skvělá :)

3 xo.Nikushka xo.Nikushka | Web | 14. února 2012 v 12:15 | Reagovat

Nic moc ta písnička..;D

4 Beebe* Beebe* | Web | 14. února 2012 v 12:27 | Reagovat

Pěkná a skvělý design;)

5 LittleMonster1779 LittleMonster1779 | 14. února 2012 v 17:12 | Reagovat

Kde ten singl můžu stáhnout ? ;)

6 nickiminajdaily nickiminajdaily | Web | 14. února 2012 v 17:32 | Reagovat

[5]: a keď to chceš niekde dať (stránku, web) tak prosím so zdrojom ďakujem :)

7 motherfucker :D motherfucker :D | 14. února 2012 v 19:35 | Reagovat

toto je úplne brutálna pesnička :) poznám od nej takmer všetky ale toto je vážne asi TOP :) vkuse dookola počúvam :)

8 DaLLy DaLLy | 15. února 2012 v 15:35 | Reagovat

neviem prečo je tá pesnička od Red One, keď ona má vydavateľstvo Young úplne dosrali

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